Criminal and civil cases.

Discover the facts, the 

character of witnesses, and avoid surprises in court. 


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  - Albert Einstein  

Think Outside the Box 

Never underestimate our 

ability to figure things out. We use technology, intuition, and experience to find the facts and uncover the half-truths.

We use the most current technological and software tools available to licensed private investigators.

Beth has a straight-forward and disarming style, to break down barriers when interviewing and investigating.

And if our services can't cover every detail, we can engage other licensed investigators with specific expertise.  


Background Checks

On people you must trust: childcare or eldercare providers, contractors or vendors working in your home, online dating.

Knowledge is Safety

Do you really know the people you are entrusting to take care of a child or an elder? 

Online dating? Verify their background and be safe.

Does that contractor who will have access to your home and belongings have a clean record?

Is your personal information safe from identity theft? 

We provide detailed background checks that are quick and affordable.




Beth E. Courrau, Licensed Private Investigator

Process Serving

Need papers served? Servicing El Paso, Teller, and Douglas counties. Other areas on request.


Locate People

Individuals, witnesses, debtors, heirs, and other hard to find people. Skip tracing. 

Hire Private Investigator

No Courtroom Surprises

There is no time like now.

We can locate witnesses, conduct interviews, examine the puzzle pieces, and help you prepare for depositions, the courtroom, and more. 

Don't be caught off-guard! 

Let us help you dig deeper and discover the facts pluslearn what people may be hiding or not telling you. The sooner in the process, the better. 

We will help you get answers and win cases. Call to discuss your case. 




Colorado License #PI1-140
​Bonded & Insured



Social Media Research

Social Media is now vital in criminal and civil cases. Public and digital content can provide compelling facts.